"Women's Strike" or Class Struggle for Real Equity

A few days ago, on June 14, a “women's strike” took place in Switzerland. This mobilization was directly related to the ITUC (the International Trade Union Confederation- a “tool” of the USA and the multinationals) event that followed on 17 June at the ILO titled “ILO in 21st Century”!
The main demands of the women's strike were: "Investments in the care Sector, recognizing the unpaid work of women at home and in society, zero tolerance of racial violence ...”

Capitalism's rulers mock the working class

According to figures released by the Bloomberg economic news agency, during the 4 days of the meeting at DAVOS, the remuneration of business leaders in relation to the average income of workers in their respective countries will be equivalent to:
• more than 2 years of average income (GDP per capita) in the United Kingdom;
• more than one year and 10 months in the Netherlands;
• more than one year and 8 months in Switzerland;
• more than one year and 7 months in Spain; and
• 18 months of average income in Germany.

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