July, August, September and October 2015, COMMUNICATION, nº 11

Comrades, I render account of the activities carried out by this General Secretary since the issue of communication nº 10.

1.- General Secretary has been sending information (mainly concerning WFTU and PAME) in three languages to all members of the TUI´ board of directors.
2.- The General Secretary attended to the First American Regional Conference of the TUI of Pensioners and Retirees of the WFTU, held last September 30th, representing the collective board of directors of our TUI. The documents in three languages were sent to all members of the board of directors. See ANNEX 1 with information about this important Conference.
3.- General Secretary has represented our TUI in the events that took place in Sao Paolo, Brazil, during the World celebration of the WFTU´s 70th anniversary.
4.- General Secretary has demanded to all members of the TUI to follow the example set by the Spanish comrades of the CSU of Pensioners and Retirees in collecting the money needed to run the WFTU´s TUI of Pensioners and Retirees. We remind that documents related to this campaign are included in Annex, 4, Communication 10.
5.- General Secretary has attended the 21st Congress of PAME´s Pensioners and Retirees held in Athens, October 20 th and 21st, as representative of our TUI. See in ANNEX 2 a summary of this information.
6.- In October 22, 2015, General Secretary held a meeting in Athens with comrades Dimos Koumpouris, Palmos Panigiotis and Kostas Skarparis. ANNEX 3 includes a record of this meeting.
7.- In October 22, 2015, General Secretary held a meeting in Athens with Georges Mavrikos to consider the tasks of the TUI of Pensioners and Retirees. See ANNEX 4 for the summary of this meeting.
8.- General Secretary has started the arrangements to set the pending four Regional Conferences taking advantage of the good experiences derived from the Conference held in America.
9.- General Secretary has received from the WFTU´s Secretary an invitation to attend a meeting to be held in Palestine  next December 6th and 7th, as a token of solidarity with the people fighting for its Rights and against imperialism. We are waiting to know if some member of the TUI ´board of directors could be available to attend on our behalf.

1.- TUI´ President, comrade Dimos Koumpouris, had planned to represent our TUI in the activities that took place in September 13th and 14th in Damascus to celebrate the WFTU´s 70th anniversary. However, the current political situation in Greece, with the calling of new elections for September 20th, forced comrade Dimos to remain in Greece.
2.- The first American Regional Conference of our TUI was successfully celebrated in Quito, Ecuador, in September 30th. See report in Annex 1.
3.- TUI´ CSU of Pensioners and Retirees has started its campaign to collect the financial resources to operate the WFTU´s TUI of Pensioners and Retirees. At this moment, more than 2.000€ have been collected in Spain. See information about this campaign at the TUI´ web, file General Secretary, Annex 4, Communication 10.
Translation in English not yet received
Existing text in Greek and Spanish only

the headquarters of the PAME P&R, Athens
Comrades present:
Dimos Koumpouris, President and Chairman of TUI P&R PAME
Palmos Panagiotis, Chairman Technical Committee and Research TUI
Kostas Skarparis, Chairman of the Committee for Financial Control of TUI
Quim Boix, Secretary General of TUI P&R WFTU
Agreements reached
Congratulate PJ went through great success and progress in its 21st Congress, which will have a short, send us Comrade Dimos, for general knowledge of the entire direction of the TUI of P&R WFTU.
Celebrating be able to make this meeting, leveraging our presence at the 21st Congress of PAME P&R.
We note that any approved body in our Constitution, but our coordination and joint work to help run the TUI, and download tasks of the General Secretariat.
Communicate in writing the commitments made at the meeting on 10.22.2015, the 24 elected members and management of the TUI in Spanish, French, English and Greek
Working together and simultaneously take on more leadership responsibilities for which it was chosen to avoid that in the future, all tasks must be performed by the Secretary General.
Redouble our commitment to publicize the agreements and positions of the WFTU. These appear on the WFTU website and are partially transmitted in 3 languages by our Secretary General.
Congratulate success and conclusions of the First Conference of class organizations P&R America, held in Quito on 09/30/2015. We can work in class organizations P&R this continent of 25 countries.
Communicate in writing the commitments made at the meeting of 10/15/22, with 24 elected members and management of the TUI in Spanish, French, English and Greek.
Work together to implement the other four Regional Conferences that are pending: Africa, Asia, Europe and Arab countries. We ask for help to the Secretariat of the WFTU. (10.15.22 made at the meeting I had with George Mavrikos)
On the European Conference, accepted the arguments of comrade Vladimir certificates Kapuralin, Croatia, hindering his performance as vice president for Europe, and work to see if it is possible that Conference of Belarus or in France. If this is not possible in any of these countries would be held in Greece.
Enlarge the Greek translators of important information, because it turns out that most of them were unknown to the audience mates. Comrades from Greece and Cyprus are committed to finding someone who complements the huge translation work done so far and only makes the Mercedes comrade Roldan Madrid.
Remember, at the request of comrade Kostas Skarparis, checking account number, which must be entered actions of unions affiliated to TUI. (Completed 10/22/2015).
By contacting the Secretary of Finance, José Maria Lucas, with the Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Finance, Kostas Skarparis. (Completed 10/22/2015).
Send to present the proposal in the tourism meeting for North Korea made by unions in this country. (Completed 10/22/2015).
Send to comrade inputs and outputs Kostas Skarparis the account of TUI. Does the Secretary of Finance of TUI, Comrade José Maria Lucas.
Order comrade Kostas Skarparis to start, with the Secretary General of assistance from TUI, his work as chairman of the Committee on Financial Control. See Annex 1. tasks that secure the Statutes for this responsibility.
Remember back to all the unions of TUI both their legal obligation to pay an annual fee (instinctively fixed ANNEX 4 COMMUNICATION 10) campaign, only in Spain, has already given for income above € 2,000. (Completed 10.25.15) .For the ANNEX 4 COMMUNICATION 10) campaign, only in Spain, has already given for income above € 2,000. (Completed 10/25/2015).
Thank commitment PEO to send once a month in English, for dissemination to all TUI, a summary of its activities with the P&R.
Start the collective work of the Technical Commission document and plan the research and work already agreed (see the website of the General Secretariat of the folder TUI ANNEX 3 COMMUNICATION 10). The goal is to meet the demands of maximum P&R countries and these tables have a protest for the continent and the world.
For this first step is to contact Mark Wolman, the America working data, Palmos Panagiotis. (Concluded 10/15/22).
State that are emerging around the world, the current twenty-first century, new organizations P&R with class origins. Commit to achieve maximum connect with them.
Spreading full on the TUI website all P&R struggles we know, post photos and short texts that explain them.
Comrade Who handles make the summary of the agreement to evaluate the other participants, and, once approved, is sent to the 24 comrades of the TUI.
Additional elements that I'm sure to turn MEETING:
1) The importance of all 24 council members send their CV (Curriculum Vitae) association. A part because we have done, as you can see in different languages on the TUI website.
2) Expand the use of research (which also are on the web in 3 languages) to have responses from countries that lack.
3) The union commitment CTB (Brazil) to pay an annual fee of $ 1,000, in Pending the outcome of its Founding Congress, which will be in 2016 (invited to attend and address the TUI, will pay the airfare and accommodation).
4) The need for help as Secretary-General for each responsible for each Department of our TUI, elected to Congress, have a written plan Labor leaders approve our bodies TUI. Currently, only the Ministry of Finance sent his, which is already known and has been approved by all members of the management of TUI.

Barcelona 25/10/2015
Quim Boix
Secretary-General of the TUI of P&R of WFTU

Article 32.- The powers and functions of the committees are as follows:
Article 32-1- On the Financial Control Committee: a) monitor the proper performance of the Ministry of Finance; b) monitoring the economic and financial operation of TUI of P&R; c) to approve, in the first instance, the periodic reports finances; d) To report on its activities to the Executive Council and Congress of Trade Unions World.

ANNEX Nº 4.-

At this meeting several items concerning the Spanish trade union realities as well as the work performed by the WFTU Presidential Council were discussed. Among the items related to our TUI we would like to emphasize the following:
1) Detailed information issued by Quim Boix concerning the First American Regional Conference of Pensioners and Retirees.
2) Criteria to be followed in order to prepare the other four conferences still pending to be held and help asked to the WFTU´ Secretary.
3) Self-criticism on behalf of the TUI of Pensioners and Retirees for its poor work aimed to the celebration events of WFTU´s 70th anniversary.
4) On the importance of ideological struggle concerning the trade union work, always bearing in mind the actual dynamics and realities of each country.