Protests in Spain: people require decent pensions

A protest against the social policies of the current government was held in Barcelona on Saturday 9-March-2019. According to TASS, citing the local press, about 30 thousand people took to the streets, most of whom are pensioners. However, there were also a lot of young people. People demanded decent pensions. Protesters marched through the city, then stopped on the streets of Mallorca, where they read out a manifesto, which set forth their requirements.
According to Spanish media, the march was held in protest against the fact that pensions in Spain are not equal to the consumer price index, and the annual increase in pension savings from 2013 is no more than 0.25 percent. Protesters oppose the next insignificant indexation of pensions and demand from the authorities to take measures to improve the financial security of pensioners.
It is noted that similar demonstrations were held in about 100 cities in Spain. More than 15 thousand people came to the action in Madrid.