Valentin Pacho, Vice President of the WFTU, and Omar Romero, President of WFTU Colombia, intervenes at Bogotá at the Second Congress of the TUI of P&R of the WFTU: 
Alicia Arango, Minister of Work and social dialogue for the reform of pensions, intervenes at the Second Congress:

(The images do not include the moments of tension when several assistants, from the P&R of Colombia, boo her because of the pro-capitalist actions of all the government where she belongs: )

Speech at Bogota of the responsible of paying the pensions to the Colombians, at the Second Congress of the TUI of P&R of the WFTU
Juan Miguel Villa, President of Colpensiones and the bonus for 70% of the population.
Second World Congress of the TUI of Pensioners&Retired held at Bogotá, Colombia,  27 and 28 de February 2019

Interview to:

Quim Boix, General Secretary of the TUI of P&R of the WFTU. (Subtitled):