There is only one World Pensioners and Retirees organization

There is only one World Pensioners and Retirees organization
For our friends pensioners and retirees (P&R):
We are, today, the only World P&R Organization.
Our world slogan is: "LONG AND DIGNE LIFE FOR P&R", that is: habitable housing; potable water in it; healthy and sufficient food; health, leisure, culture and transport nearby, public, free and quality; payment by the state of the Social Security contributions of all those to whom the state does not give possibility of having work.
We accept collaborations with new P&R organizations that match our objectives.
To know us visit our website in 12 languages:
We have taken to the streets many times in the 5 continents, the last one is seen in:
We have already claimed for 5 consecutive years before the ILO the rights of P&R (see video):
To contact us, use this email, the Skype video conference, or the phone and WhatsApp listed in my signature.
Quim Boix
Secretario General de la UIS (Unión Internacional de Sindicatos) de Pensionistas y Jubilados (PyJ) de la FSM
0034   609547814 (con WhatsApp)
Código de identificación en Skype: quim.boix