Five Cubans are detained in the United States since 15 years ago; four of them are still imprisonment in separate prisons: Gerardo Hernández Nordelo, Ramón Labañino Salazar, Antonio Guerrero Rodríguez y Fernando González and one of them René González Sehwerert who is already in his motherland.

Well known as The Five case, they are facing hard long unfair sentences, accused by the North American government with the unconditional support of the Miami Cuban-American mafia.

The Five were detained in September 12, 1998 and sentenced to long and live sentences in 2011 for the only “crime” of monitoring anti Cuban terrorist groups based in Miami that planned and carried out violent attacks against Cuban people security and its territory.

During the trial, the fundamental and humans rights of the prisoners were violated, and even are still being violated not allowing some of them to be visited by their wives and parents, meanwhile they are imprisonment.

The attorneys of the case and the Cuban government have presented all the necessary arguments to prove the injustice and the innocence of the Five. The Working Group on Arbitrary Detentions of the Commission of Experts of the United Nation Human Rights Commission declared the arrest, the trial and the imprisonment of the Five as an arbitrary process in its opinion 18/2005.

According to all expressed above, since the very beginning of their detentions the Cuban people, the authorities, political and mass organizations and their families raised a protest against this brutal action, and led the world all over to know the situation of those heroes of the Cuban people.

The battle for their freedom is part of the struggle against the terrorist state policy sustained by the US governments for more than 5 decades against the independence and fundamental freedom of the Cuban people which has been focused to destabilize and to try to defeat the Cuban revolutionary government that, among other inhuman actions and measures that violate all vital rights,  makes the US policy a permanent aggression against the Cuban revolution,  the Cuban workers and people since 1959.

The US injustice and government have insisted in maintain the case in a secret way to the world, and specially to the American people, but we must continue the struggle, we must destroy the silence curtain, inside and outside of the United States, this is the most important thing.

The Word Federation of Trade Unions (WFTU) has supported the Cuban Workers’ Central Union and the Cuban people in this permanent struggle, making solidarity actions and denounces. In its last XVI World Trade Union Congress held in Athens, 2011 a Resolution was approved claiming the freedom of the Five and in the Presidential Council held in Peru the approved Action Plan 2013 says, as a priority action, to develop actions in support and solidarity with the Cuban compatriots.

The participants in this Constitutive Congress of the TUI of P&J, get together in this International Campaign and demand to the American government their urgent liberation, that their human rights must be respected and that justice will be done. We will start with new actions to reinforce the efforts for this fair cause when we return back to our countries.

Don’t let this US government criminal act without punishment!

The only way to get the
Freedom of the Cuban Five is trough solidarity!

We must be united in this struggle!