Who we are

This is the webpage of the new Trade Union International (TUI) from the World Federation Trade Union (WFTU), that was created in Barcelona [Spain] in February 2014, gathering worldwide true class conscious syndicates and different  Pensioners and Retirees [P&R] organizations, from around the 5 continents of our planet.

The WFTU is a world leader organization against capitalist exploitation, also a major entity against imperialism. There is no other but one, conformed by true class syndicates [for there are others that identify themselves as syndicates but actively support the International Monetary Fund –IMF- and NATO].

The WFTU was founded in 1945, Paris, joining and coordinating syndicates who helped defeat fascism. Already in its beginnings, social democracy [in its usual predisposition to favor the bourgeoisie] attempted to disrupt class syndicate's unity. The WFTU's Foundation Congress in Paris made efforts so the institution wouldn't be against colonialism, still common in that half of the twentieth century.

In 1949, the mentioned syndicates managed to divide the WFTU, creating the International Confederation of Free Trade Unions [CIOSL], today called ITUC - International Trade Union Confederation -, after including Christian origin syndicates.  Back then, CIOSL was proven to be forged by non-independent organizations and right wing supporters and had an important role in supporting the coup d’état against Allende, Apartheid and Zionists from Israel [they still have officials in the ITUC's global management].

Us, the P&R who promote this new TUI from the WFTU, clearly and adamantly stand against yellow syndicalism, against class conciliation syndicalism, against negotiation without a fight, the ghastly relinquish for juicy treats in favor of syndicate leaders.

The P&R of our age have enliven the syndical victories of the second half of the last century, thanks to the WFTU and the working class example of the countries who were constructing socialism, such as: working hours reduction, vacations, the right to healthcare and free and public education, retirement pensions, better hygiene and safety conditions in the workplace, the right to collective bargaining, syndical rights, etc.

We have experienced the oppression derived from capitalism [murders, detentions, tortures, unfair trials, jails, layoffs, black lists, unemployment, labor diseases, avoidable occupational accidents, labor migration, etc.] and we have learnt that only with a proper working class organization we can achieve small and massive victories.

We have seen how the capitalist class bought and corrupted syndical leaders. In Spain it has been quite scandalous: Workers Commissions' [CCOO - Comisiones Obreras] historic leader [Marcelino Camacho] successors, seem to have bargained their loyalties to political parties: Antonio Gutiérrez to social democracy Partido Socialista Obrero Español [PSOE] and Fidalgo to what remains from Franco's Fascism, the Partido Popular [PP].

But, after its 15th Congress, the WFTU its recovering its power, managing hundreds of syndicates from all over the world to join the cause on every 3rd of October, date of its foundation in 1945, where International Conferences and Action Against Capitalism come apart.
In the last and 16th WFTU Congress [Athens, April 2011] among every other agreement, almost 900 representatives from 320 class syndicates from the 5 continents, we decided to create a TUI of P&R.

Here is our origin and foundation for the future.

We will protect and improve the work of nearly 90 million member workers of the WFTU through their syndicates, country by country. We will organize and coordinate P&R worldwide interests. We will disclose Europe's flagrant decrement of P&R rights [reactionary measures that were feasible because of ITUC's Syndicates' reinforcement], whilst Latin America advances in the protection of P&R interests.

We will fight for the citizens from those countries where State Pensions do not even exist after their working life, for those pensions to exist and to ensure their good quality.
Our goal is to achieve a minimum yet sufficient public pension for employees from all over the world, that ensures a dignified life level, with proper transportation services, healthcare, attentions and leisure/recreation for free [putting an end to big private enterprises in which capitalism bases human necessities].

We will fight for the end of capitalism slavery, the defeat of mankind exploitation in this dog eat dog system.

A world without workers is impossible and world without capitalists is possible and necessary.

The future of mankind is Socialism and the working class will be responsible of its construction.