I am addressing the leadership of the WFTU


I have just received, from Uruguay, a poster (which is attached to the message) published by the PIT-CNT union.

I was surprised, and very negatively, that the WFTU logo is used to express opinions totally contrary to those of the WFTU, to those approved by our Congresses.

The PIT-CNT union has the right (if it continues to move away from the positions of defense of the working class) to align itself with the US and the Zionist imperialists, who want to create confusion (helping the ideological struggle of Capitalism) by placing the state GENOCIDE Israel on the same level  than the oppressed people of Palestine. Israel is terrorist, recognized even by part of world social democracy, while the Palestinian people fight (and have every right to do so) against the oppression of the genocidal and terrorist rulers of Israel.

A right that, when exercised, demonstrates that the leaders of the PIT-CNT continue in the social democratic positions that I verified directly every time that, as leader of the WFTU, I visited Uruguay.

What the PIT-CNT union does not have the right to do is to imply that its position, I insist, that of its leaders, is that of the WFTU. THEY LIE BY PLACING THE WFTU LOGO on their poster.

I cannot prove that the HISTADRUT union, the Zionist union of Israel, finances leaders of the PIT-CNT, but they act just as if it financed them. The truth is that PIT-CNT maintains good relations with HISTADRUP, and has never criticized this union, which is complicit in the genocidal actions of the Israeli government. Many of the leaders of HISTADRUT have been leaders of Zionist governments.

I hope that the WFTU leadership asks the PIT-CNT union to remove the WFTU anagram from its UNACCEPTABLE poster.

This attitude, from the leaders of the PIT-CNT, is totally unacceptable UNION-wise, from the class positions of the WFTU, which organizes the working class to fight against Capital-Imperialism-Zionism.

A classist and internationalist union greeting.

   Quim Boix

Secretario General de la UIS (Unión Internacional de Sindicatos) de Pensionistas y Jubilados (PyJ) de la FSM

Responsable de la FSM en el Estado Español (excepto País Vasco)



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