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Hope you must have received the photograph and report of our programme of mass dharna/rally at New Delhi before the Parliament House of Pensioners belonging to NCCPA and its affiliates.  The programme was well participated and continues for about 4-5 hours.  Representatives had come from various parts of India.  As you know ours is a geographically huge country.  People have travelled throusands of Kilometers to participate in the programme.  For the next two months, we are busy with our National elections and our organisations along with other workers Trade Unions are trying our best to br


Protests in Spain: people require decent pensions

A protest against the social policies of the current government was held in Barcelona on Saturday 9-March-2019. According to TASS, citing the local press, about 30 thousand people took to the streets, most of whom are pensioners. However, there were also a lot of young people. People demanded decent pensions. Protesters marched through the city, then stopped on the streets of Mallorca, where they read out a manifesto, which set forth their requirements.


Fast by Pensioners at Nueva Delhi, India

Dear Comrade Quim Boix - Greetings. As decided earlier, the pensioners of Central Government joined in hundreds to take part in Fast Programme called by NCCPA. The agitation in the national capital is draw focus of Government on our 10 Point Charter of Demands. Comrade Shiv Gopal Sharma Chairman NCCPA presided.



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