We older adults belong to the generation in which we started

intern in the so-called geriatric homes (today residences for seniors) our grandparents and


We mean in the first instance and in a "visceral" way, that we are located on the sidewalk

in front of those who defend or what is worse do business with the fate and health of


But, also, with great regret we knew how to understand that we come across many

situations that led relatives and relatives to resort to such hospitalizations, either by

health reasons and in many cases aggravated by economic reasons.

It is very difficult for us to represent ourselves to leave our elders in places of

I lock strangers into their life stories, just as we don't want to travel those destinies either.

At the same time, it also belongs to us as older people

to establish a position on what is happening in this field, aggravated by the

Covid 19.

Without a doubt we are witnessing a Geronto-epidemic that ensues with those we have

more years in particular that we carry other diseases that aggravate it.

We see in these days with pain, indignation and fear the news about the situation of the

geriatric residents and we can only think of one word Gerontocide.

In the first instance we interpret the problems of residences as clearly

pre-existing to the pandemic, which in addition to harming the integral health of the

elderly internees violate the rights recognized by the Inter-American Convention on

Rights of the elderly, signed by our country (with constitutional rank) and the

regulations in force for seniors in different jurisdictions.

Among these issues we highlight:

- It is imperative to change the ways of organising, planning, managing and evaluating

Residences for the elderly, in which today persevere vertical and atavistic styles of

operation. It is urgent to promote organizational models more in line with the Times that

we live and pondering a greater participation of all the actors who host inside and

outside such institutions (boarding schools, family members, workers, managers,

and / or regulators of its operation).

- We can infer that local and funding agency laws are

of integrity and lacking an indispensable look

SOCIOSANITARY. As an example, an elderly person is placed in a place that is not

but where they receive health benefits, while such hospitalizations do not

they are included as mandatory within the mandatory medical program.

- It would be a serious mistake to consider that the problem generated with loneliness and isolation

of the elderly institutionalized in residences originated, only, by the lack of

social protocols for receiving family members and sustaining recreational social benefits in

institutions. Since the pandemic came no more than

aggravating the lack of adequate benefit in this area.

- After the years and as a result of successive “adjustments” experienced by our country

registered a gradual emptying of benefits and services outside residential care

basic and elementary care, without being "in folder" your solution.

- The tragic social and health fact of the pandemic also puts on the table the

the need for general work programmes within the institutions of

long stay led by interdisciplinary teams, legitimized in their roles and schedules

enough to deploy their tasks.

We think on the basis of all the above, that it is urgent to assume the need for

a series of actions by those who openly influence the fate of

older people and therefore:

-We propose the creation of a commission to draw up a new regulation for the

controller, containment and regulation of Adult Care Institutions

representatives of:

- Geriatric residents.

- Retired and non-resident pensioners of the geriatric population.

- Health professionals who integrate an interdisciplinary team specialized in the subject

(composed of doctors, psychologists, kinesiologists, caregivers, workers

teachers, nurses, etc.).

- Governmental, private and third Sector institutions involved in the issue of

senior citizens.

* We recognize the indeligible role of the state in everything related to prevention,

promotion, assistance and rehabilitation of the comprehensive health of the elderly. In this regard

we take it for granted that there can be no health policy without an articulated social policy.

* We recall the full implementation of the rights of senior citizens with

constitutional in our country. Including all facets involved in the process of

ageing and, in particular, the right to live and also to die with dignity.

* We make an explicit call for an emergency declaration for all

geriatric establishments, elderly residences (RAM) and nursing homes

Older adults with psychiatric control, whether in the public or private sphere.

* We demand that the Health Authority of each jurisdiction take over the testing

And systematic of all personnel who perform any type of

permanent residence in these places or


* We sponsor the modern paradigm of the Gerontological community, to foster a

effective interaction between all the actors that make up it, leaving behind and forever the

of the still existing asylum care models.


In these hours we urgently need a re-proposal that places the themes of the residences in a discussion

more comprehensive, for example, about a law for a

Integrated National care system, which includes in addition to hospitalizations,

home care tasks (their professionalization and financing),

therapeutic accompaniment, alternative resources to institutionalization and

cash benefits to family members, who today suffer the greatest of uncertainties and

despair over the Dis-Grace of having their elders, interned in residences for

older people in the Times of COVID19…

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