11-13-21 in Barcelona, the TUI of P&R on the front line

Today, November 13, 2,021, in more than 40 cities of the Spanish state there have been unitary demonstrations of the P&R against the social democratic government (PSOE + PODEMOS) that does not fulfill the electoral promises, and does comply with what the IMF orders to through the European Union.

Only the class unions have supported this new mass action, a continuation of the one carried out on October 16 in Madrid (with tens of thousands of participants). The traitorous unions: CCOO and UGT continue to support what the bosses impose.

The flags of the WFTU and those of our TUI have been present in many cities of the Spanish state.

Our TUI will always continue to be at the forefront of the fight, to defend the just demands of Pensioners and Retirees.