Argentina: Press Release 1663 “Wednesday of Retirees


Friday, February 2, 2024: one of the greatest betrayals of the Argentine people in the name of freedom, democracy and the progress of the country has just been consummated, with the half-sanction in the Chamber of Deputies of the Nation of the so-called Omnibus Law . Old refrain repeated ad nauseam by old and new politicians who strive to submissively and shamelessly represent the interests of the dominant economic power, both national and transnational, to the detriment of the people and the Nation. The worst of all is that it was always the “leitmotiv” of all the murderous dictatorships that devastated our country.


The so-called “dialogue” opposition only negotiated some things on behalf of their personal and corporate interests but never on behalf of the people they claim to represent.

As it could not be otherwise, territorial, social, and union organizations met in the Plaza del Congreso and surrounding areas. of retirees, unions, partisan political sectors and self-convened people to demonstrate against the delivery project that was being debated in the Chamber. The Milei Government's response was repression implemented by the deranged Minister Bullrich. Dozens of people injured by rubber bullets, beaten, suffocated as a result of gas, arrests, is the first result of a regrettable scene repeated during the three days where numerous mercenaries in uniform viciously punished a defenseless people. None of this is new to us.


From the Coordinating Table of Organizations of Retirees and Pensioners we say that the partial or definitive approval of these reactionary laws is not going to stop us. For this reason we reiterate our basic demands that should be beyond discussion, but that nevertheless do not occupy the privileged place that they should have on the agenda of a government that claims to defend freedom, but only for the dominant classes:


Emergency increase now, which brings the minimum asset to the amount of the basic basket of an older adult and extends proportionally to the rest of the scale. Currently it exceeds $500,000.-

Monthly readjustment of the amount of assets, not less than the inflation index of the immediately preceding month.

Maintenance of the Sustainability Guarantee Fund within the ANSES orbit.

PAMI normalization.


Argentina, February 6, 2024.-


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