Salutation from CONEP - Kathmandu (Nepal)

Dear Comrades, Brothers and Sisters of WFTU and CSU (P&R)

Warm Greetings to you all !

The historical founding congress of TUI (P&R) that taking place in the beautiful city Barcelona, Spain is a great message, not only to entire retired and pensioners  of the world but to all working class people of the world including Nepal. On this great historical moment, we on behalf of the Confederation of Nepalese Professionals (CONEP) and entire workers from Himalayan Country Nepal express strong solidarity to all delegate comrades participating in the Congress.
Despite the strong wish to participate in the congress, one of our delegate Comrade Prabha Bajracharya, Vice President/Head of Women Dept., CONEP, who is also recently elected in the member of parliament could not come to participate in the congress. She has expressed sorry for not being able to attend the congress. The first reason of her absence is preparation tasks for the 1st women national conference which is going to be held on 8 March, 2014. Secondly, Comrade Prabha is so busy in the ongoing current parliament business at the moment. However, Com. Prabha has wished to be conveyed her message of wishing grand success and solidarity to the congress of the TUI-P&R.

In solidarity

Lalbahadur Pakhrin
Head, International Dept.
CONEP, Kathmandu