PAME Militant Response to the Government’s Attack on Social Security

On Tuesday, January 28, the class unions of Athens gave a first militant response to the Government’s announcements against Social Security.
The Unions organized 2 actions in front of the Ministry of Labor of Greece, denouncing the plans of the Government to further cut pensions and increase the retirement age limits, but also to open the path for the complete privatization of workers’ security.
On the morning of January 28, the Pensioners’ Federation held a Press Conference in front of the Ministry of Labour, revealing with specific examples the antiworkers’ measures of the Government’s proposals.
In the afternoon, dozens of Unions organized a protest at the entrance of the Ministry. The Unions revealed the true nature of the measures with a guillotine, which represents the cuts. And with a roulette that represented that the workers contributions for Social Security will be used for Gambling by the private funds and Private Insurance Companies.
PAME stated that this is the first response. It is necessary to escalate the strike. To inform the workers and prepare militant response with National Strike. As a first step PAME called the unions to organize Rallies, Demonstrations and Protests all over Greece on February 6.