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Dear PEF Retiree Member,

We want to take this opportunity to thank all our retiree members who emailed, phoned, or wrote to legislators urging rejection of the budget items that would have negatively impacted retirees. Your participation helped to make our position known and to stop the cuts that would diminish our benefits. Below are the results of the impact we reached in this year’s budget negotiations with the help of many, including PEF active members and the PEF Legislative Office:  

Freeze on Medicare Part B Reimbursement Public Protection and General Government (S.2505/A.3005)—Part EE

This bill would have amended section 167-a of the Civil Service Law to provide that, effective April 1, 2021, State reimbursement to eligible retirees and their dependents for the Medicare Part B standard premium shall not exceed $148.50 per month. While this represents an increase for some, the language provides that any future increases would be subject to negotiations in the state budget, meaning they are far less likely to happen. Final Action: Rejected

Retiree Health Care Premium Contributions Public Protection and General Government (S.2505/A.3005)—Part DD

The Governor proposed to increase the percentage of retiree health care costs for State employees hired on or after October 1, 2021. Retirees’ contributions would be based on years of service. The sliding scale formula would cover 50% of premiums for those with 10 years of service and increase up to 84% of premiums for those with 30 years of service.

The proposal takes effect on October 1, 2021 and only impacts new employees hired on or after that date. This proposal creates another reason for potential employees to not enter State service at a time when the State is already facing a recruitment and retention problem with many agencies. Final Action: Rejected


We would like to hear from you on what issues you would like the Retiree Organization to continue to lobby for in the upcoming months. Please take the time to share your suggestions or ideas with us. Please email [email protected] with those suggestions or ideas.

In Solidarity,

James W. Carr

Statewide PEF Retiree President