EKYSY Kaimakliou celebrated International Women's Day

EKYSY Kaimakli celebrated International Women's Day by hosting an event on Monday, March 6 at the Omonia North Pole House in Kaimakli. The event held within the framework of the acts in honor of March 8 in collaboration with EKYSY and the Office of Working Women of the PEO, was a complete success since the House was filled to overflowing with pensioners and retirees.

The keynote speaker at the event was S.G. of PEO Sotiroula Charalambous, while S.G. of the International Pensioners Organization of the World Federation of Trade Unions (WFTU), Quim Boix who delivered a greeting. The opening of the event was given by the Local Secretary of EKYSY Kaimakli Stavroula Filippou and a brief greeting was directed by the Provincial Secretary of EKYSY Nicosia Markos Tsiiftes. Also present at the event were the Secretary of the Central Office of Women Workers of the PEO Marina Koukou, S.G. from EKYSY Larnaca, and Famagusta Giorgos Sotiriou, community leaders and Kaimakliou priest. The program was interspersed with beautiful songs from the EKYSY Kaimakli Choir.

EKYSY presented those present with the traditional carnation, expressing her immense love and appreciation for the long-term contribution of women and their multiple roles in Cypriot society.

As mentioned above, the keynote speaker at the event was S.G. from PEO Sotiroula Charalambous who congratulated EKYSY Kaimakliou for organizing the successful event characterizing it as a model.

She pointed out that March 8 is a milestone in the struggles of working women for work and life with rights and emphasized the role of previous generations in them.

The S.G. of the PEO referred to equality at present and the policies that are followed, as well as the demands of the PEO. He also briefed the audience on the PEO's complaints about long-standing problems faced by retirees, such as the removal of the 12% penalty on the pensions of those who retire at 63, the reform of the pension system, and the adequacy of retirement benefits.

In terms of precision, S. Charalambous emphasized that measures must be taken to support people with low pensions and low wages. She also pointed out that there must be adequacy and quality in the social protection infrastructure.

Finally, the S.G. of the PEO assured that the Federation will continue to play its competitive role, having before it serious issues that must be resolved and that concern workers and pensioners.

Then, taking the floor, S.G. of the International Organization of Pensioners of the WFTU, Quim Boix greeted the pensioners present at the event and stressed that the World Federation of Trade Unions has always claimed the rights of working women. “There is strong discrimination in the daily life of women, especially with regard to pensions. Specifically, in Spain women receive pensions that are reduced by 40% compared to those of men as long as they work the same number of years. Capitalist governments are not respecting our earned right to have decent pensions and that is unfair. As Che Guevara said: "we must fight against any injustice that exists in the world." Quim Boix said that the right to a pension is a right that was won 200 years ago. "Let's not forget that in 1917 Lenin was the first to sign the decree that granted everyone the right to a pension, regardless of gender or years of service. This right has become global thanks to the WFTU," he said, adding that Unions such as PEO have fought to claim decent pensions while in Europe they are working against the Troika to win rights.

The S.G. of the International Union of Pensioners WFTU made it clear that the privatization of pensions will not be accepted, as Pinochet did in the 70s, which turned out to be a failure.

Finally, Quim Boix thanked the hospitality and assured that he will share his experience in Cyprus with EKYSY and the Cyprus problem with the whole world.