Quim Boix spoke on 4-26-23 in the Colombian Congress of Deputies



Thanks to the comrades of our TUI of Pensioners of the WFTU in Colombia, I have had the opportunity to address the people present at an important activity held within the Colombian Congress of Deputies, just the same day that journalists filled this building to know the details of President Petro's decision to dissolve the coalition government.


In the act in which I was able to intervene, there were senior officials of the Government, Parliament, the Judiciary, etc., among them the representative of the vice president, Ms. Africa.


Also taking part in this activity were 3 comrades from the Colombian P&R, Alfonso Ahumada (President of the OCP, who replaced comrade Antonio Forero), Nelson Guzman (Head of our Study Commission of our TUI) and Deinedt Castellanos (organizer of the act and member of the Women's Commission of our TUI).

You can watch the full video at the link:



My speech on behalf of the collective leadership of our TUI begins at 3 hours and 24 minutes

I am grateful that they gave me the floor at the end, because, if you compare it with the accompanying written text, you will see that I modified some parts to incorporate ideas that had already been said by the professors and judges who had intervened before me.

A classist and internationalist union greeting.