Report of the Coordinator of the former Socialist Countries

Dear Comrade,


I send you the final variant of our resolution and information about our Conference.

On May 27 the second Conference of of Pensioners' Organizations of the Former Socialist Countries was held in online form. On this Conference Cde Quim Boix, Secretario General de la UIS (Unión Internacional de Sindicatos) de Pensionistas y Jubilados (PyJ) de la FSM presented and made a speech.

On the Conference 8 countries were participated, 6 of which participated in discussion: Armenia, Bulgaria, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Serbia, which represented 9 organizations (Socialist Federation of Armenia, Union of the Soviet Officers of Armenia, Bulgarian Worker and Peasant Party, Amanat Association of Trade Unions of Kazakhstan, Communist Party of Kyrgyzstan, Communist Party of the Soviet Union, All-Russian trade Union of Working Pensioners, Party “Communists of Serbia” and Coordination Council of Yugoslav Communist and Workers Parties). Due to the difficult situation in Latvia and Poland the CP of Poland and the Socialist Party of Latvia couldn't present but their representatives sent their messages in favor of draft resolution.

After discussion the draft resolution was amended and adopted.


Sergey Skvortsov,

Coordinator for ex-socialist countries