Papers presented at the Second European Conference of Pensioners' Organizations, Monaco June 15, 2023


It is quite difficult to present the pension situation in a country emerging from the socialist
regime where everything was GOVERNED, and now we have a situation designed in a
competitive regime, quite chaotic in the end, at least in terms of calculation. Because there
were pensioners who received the pension according to the method of calculation of the past,
those who had worked for a time in the state system and then another period in the private
sector, pensioners who worked in the army or in other fields and those with the state
generically called "special pensions"!
Therefore, in an attempt to please everyone, new pension laws were made all the time, which
instead of helping more, created confusion.
At the moment, all pensions are being recalculated without being able to say with what
consequences. All you can guess is that they will displease most people, because the system is
not yet unified. The state pension system is combined with private funds, nothing can be done
to correct the inequalities between regular and contributory pensioners and those with so-
called SPECIAL PENSIONS. They cannot be amended because they can be immediately
challenged before the Constitutional Court.
Another problem would be that many people who worked in the cooperative agricultural
system in the past have very low pensions and have been trying for a long time to find a fair
solution, which has not been resolved so far.
Finally, but perhaps most importantly, the fact that the pension fund, at least the state fund, is
decreasing, not only because there are fewer employees, but also because there are many
retirees on the payroll.
Mrs Lagarde, this sad character cynically observes that a solution must be found, which seems
to them only to raise the retirement age. Nothing about multiple jobs, for example!
In this context, the questions of a confused population, because no one explains anything,
would be whether someone can find the solution or at least the best suggestion. More
effective would be an insurance for everyone to take out while working, American or Swiss
type, or the deduction of an amount by the State for a living pension and the rest left to the
discretion of each in what way he will supplement his pension, whether it is private funds,
insurance or to find another solution. Because, while postponing the retirement age, no one
will be able to enjoy it for more than a few months or 2-3 years! It is true that for those who
govern, in their cynicism and lack of empathy, this would "comfortably solve the problem"!
Of course, for a country like ours, in the situation I have described, any opinion or experience
on your part would be beneficial for a basis for discussion with pensioners and even with our
I wish you success and I assure you of all our support, because we are fighting for the same
Your comrade Ciprian Pop, General Secretary of the Romania Workers' Association
Bucharest, 4 June 2023

I asked them if they were for or against private pensions, and this is their answer:

Dear friend, I wrote the text that you read, our intervention with the colleagues of our
organization. Private pensions are a reality in Romania, we are obliged to contribute to the pillars of private pensions.

They are, therefore, a reality in Romania, even if you or I do not agree. The reality, that this one exists, and cannot be changed. Mrs Lagarde, like the
other lady, Ursula, are two dictators, but as far as the pillar of private pensions is concerned,
they are a reality in Romania, if we want to change something, he starts by analysing reality
tell as it is.