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 Press Release 1659 “Wednesday of Retirees” January 9, 2024 


The National Coordinating Table of Retiree and Pensioner Organizations of the R.A. has always maintained the need to carry out the unitary actions of trade unions, unions, retirees, social organizations, active workers and retirees, consistent with the interests of the working class, for the defense of the rights conquered and the obtaining of new rights. Such a need increases in times where the power of the large economic groups, international and national (dominant of the capitalist system), to increase their enormous profits; Through their political managers they increase exploitation and its disastrous consequences for the working class and working people.

The aforementioned, beyond the fact that it can be interpreted almost as a truism, in the current conditions requires us to make the greatest efforts in pursuit of the proclaimed Unity. It is not enough to invoke it, it does not magically materialize, you have to work daily to achieve it.

A unity based on agreements on common points of struggle - maintaining the autonomy of the organizations - because we know that our destiny as a class is common.

In this context, it seems important to highlight actions that point in the right direction:

- The Wednesday meetings in front of the Deputies' Annex, convened for more than thirty years by the Coordinating Board, which includes various groups of retirees and pensioners.

- The activities carried out within the framework of “unity in action” in the ANSES and PAMI buildings and the unitary mobilizations to the Plaza de Mayo.

- The constitution of increasingly important plural spheres of debate and organization.

- Similar activities, with their particularities, carried out in various provinces of our country.

Likewise, support and solidarity with the initiatives decided by sister organizations is essential and which these days not only have the purpose of making visible the legitimate demands of retirees and pensioners, but also serve as preparation for the Day of unemployment and mobilization of the On January 24th, ordered by the national union centers against the DNU and Milei's “omnibus law.”

In times of crisis is when our convictions and coherence are tested. This is one of them.

This Wednesday, January 10, 2024:

- 9:00 a.m. We mobilize the ANSES – Av. Córdoba 720 CABA

- 3:00 p.m. Call for Wednesdays in the Deputies Annex

Unity of workers to defeat the exploiters!!!

Long live the working, active and retired class!!! Only the People will save the People!!!

Argentina, January 10, 2024