On August 29, 2017, the direction meeting of the TUI P&R America of WFTU was held in São Paulo, Brazil, at the headquarters of COBAP (Brazilian Confederation of Retirees and Pensioners).
Attending the meeting were Quim Boix, General Secretary of the TUI P&R WFTU, Marcos Wolman from Argentina, Luis Carlos Borges from Brazil, Leonor Meza Pineda from Honduras, Carlos Magariño and Jorge Herrera from Mexico, Gelmo Delgado from Colombia, and as guest Juan Aurelino Ribeiro de Vasconcelos from COBAP, Brazil. Reports and communications were received from members of the board: Xiomara Enriquez Cruz from Cuba, Frank Goldschmidt from the United States, Ariel Aulet Lebron from Puerto Rico and Carlitos Solorzano from Ecuador.
Discussion and adopted Resolutions: In order to evaluate the implementation of the agreements adopted at the First Regional Conference held in Quito on 9/30/2015 and with the approval of the Agenda of the meeting, all the attendees intervened all those present and made explicit the reports received and the communications maintained with those who could not make the trip to be present.
As we were participants, sharing the presidency of the previous Latin American Meeting of Forecast and Resistance organized by COBAP, we had the opportunity to hear important interventions from state and national leaders of COBAP, and we could explain the situation of the pension system and the struggles in each country. It was a valuable experience of analysis and common projects, which will enrich our work in the continent.
We had, with the participants of the first leadership meeting, a fruitful debate, an expansion of the situation and struggles in our countries, presented at the previous meeting, exchange of documents and, as a synthesis of the deep coincidences, the following Resolutions were approved:
* To ratify the Declaration of the First Meeting of the TUI P&R America of WFTU held in Quito.
** In order to strengthen our work in each country, to coordinate with the organizations of the TUI P&R of the region and to incorporate organizations from other countries, it was resolved to create 3 (three) regional secretariats:
> Undersecretariat for North America: United States and Canada.
   Responsible: Frank Goldschmidt (USA) with the support of those responsible for Central America and the Caribbean.
> Subsecretariat for Central America and the Caribbean: Costa Rica, Cuba, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Dominican Republic.
  Responsible: Leonor Meza Pineda (Honduras) and Jorge Herrero (Mexico)
> Sub-Secretariat for South America: Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia, Colombia, Chile, Ecuador, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay, Venezuela, Guyana, French Guiana, Suriname.
   Responsible: Gelmo Delgado (Colombia) and Jose Aureliano Ribeiro de Vasconcellos (Brazil) - pending until confirmation by the COBAP direction.
-For the Central American and Caribbean region, the first objective: to strengthen the links with the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico.
- For the South America region, first objective: to strengthen the links with Chile and Uruguay.
-To establish a regular functioning of the Vice-President of the UIS PJW America of WFTU with the Regional Undersecretaries.
*** 1st of October "International day of fight for the rights of the pensioners"
  It was decided to carry out activities related to this international day, according to the characteristics and conditions of each country. In the activities that will take place, the following call will be spread:
"Invitation of the WFTU P&R America to all member organizations and friends to October 1st, 2017" INTERNATIONAL DAY OF FIGHT FOR PENSIONERS' RIGHTS "
and the poster "1st OCTOBER DAY OF THE RETIREES" Organization-Counterattack with the workers and peoples’ alliance. Overthrowing anti-worker policies. For the satisfaction of our current needs.

**** Creation of a web page of the TUI P&R America WFTU with the experiences and activities of our organizations. To immediately publish the resolutions of the direction meeting of August 29 and the replication of the call and poster of the sessions of October 1st.
It was decided to entrust Argentina with elaborating the page and the ways to communicate, including contacts by Skype.

*****Finance. The organizations of the TUI P&R América WFTU received the "Letter to those responsible for finance" with the basis of financial needs. It is resolved to take the necessary measures to consider and resolve the proposed proposals, first: Regularize the payment of contributions, according to the conditions of each organization and establishing the annual contribution.

****** 2nd International Congress of the TUI P&R of WFTU, in 2018.
We received the proposal of the world direction of its realization in America. For this purpose it was proposed to our organizations in Colombia and Mexico, to consider the possibility of their realization in one of these countries, and the reception of other proposals.

With the considerations that we have evaluated on the situation in each country to confront the directives of the IMF and international organisms of the capitalist system, that advance in the enslavement of the gains achieved by the working class in the social welfare, was resolved:
Taking into account the pension systems and the projects that we develop in each country, develop the common elements to promote the continental coordination of the working class, active and retired. Coordination, in support of each of the struggles, towards projects of common actions, strengthening in each country the TUI P&R, the WFTU, to raise awareness of the historical role of the working class, active and retired, in proletarian internationalism and revolutionary, anti-capitalist and socialist.
                                                                                Marcos Wolman
                                                          Vice President TUI P&R América of WFTU