Greeting message of Comrade Premal Kumar Khanal (WFTU,TUI P&R,1st Asia Pacific Regional Conf.)

Greeting message of Comrade Premal Kumar Khanal
WFTU,TUI P&R,1st Asia pacific Regional conference, Kathmandu,Nepal
Comrade President
Chief Guest,Former Deputy Prime minister and Vice President of CPN-UML
Honorable Minister, General Administration, Keshav Kumar Budhathoki
Special Guest, Com.Dimos koumporish,President of TUI (P&R) TUIsleaders (P&R)
Special Guest cde Gokarnan bista,sec,CPNUML,and other Leaders
Senior leader of Nepalese trade Union, Com.GaneshSah
National /International Representatives and Observers,
First of all, as a Presidential Council Member of WFTU, I would like to extend my heartily greetings and warm welcome On behalf of  from 92 million workers of 126 countries to the Chief guest, Special guests, Trade union leaders including all the representatives and observers to the 1st Asia –Pacific Regional Conference of the P&R in Kathmandu, Nepal
It’s a matter of pride and honor of hosting this historical conference in this historical city which carries a great importance for being the birthplace of Buddha and land of Mt.Everest.My special thanks to Cde.Vednidhi Nirala, Chairperson (REAN) and the Entire team for their great effort and enthusiasm shown from the first day of preparation to this day of opening ceremony. I would like to wish all the very best and for the grand success of this conference.
Dear Comrades,
The 17th conference of WFTU was held on October 5-8, 2016 in South Africa, with 1520 representatives of 111 countries among which 341 were the women. There were a total of 42 representatives including the observers of 9 trade Union centers from Nepal.
The conference was held in a democratic manner as country papers were presented by the participatory counties over the documents presented by 122 representatives. With the main slogan “Struggle-Internationalism-Unity-For the attainment of the contemporary workers needs, againstpoverty war generated by capitalist barbarism” Platform of action 2016-2020 was promulgated which elected Cde.Mzwandile Michall Makwayiba as the president and Cde. George Mavrikos as the General  secretary for another 5 years along with 49 Members Presidential council and 5-member financial control committee.
Dear comrades,
The 17th congress has made conclusions by evaluating the internationalcircumstances created by the world capitalism and the consequence of the crisis caused by capitalism  which  is against the favour of the people and the workers. Economic recession, poverty, unemployment and privatization aren’t uncommon. Similarly decline in productivity and cases of exploitation are the common evidences as a proof. The wage equality has thus been varies since the gap between the rich and the poor has been more extended. Thus the people and workers with low income have been deprived of basic life sustaining facilities such as education, food, water, housing and other luxury items. In the name of structural reform, the basic social security rights in the form of pensions and gratitude have been deducted. Malpractice of Outsourcing and contract has led the organizations to get more profit and paying less to the employees. Instead of investing in productive areas under the neo-liberal economic policy, commission and corruption vested to earn money has led to increase in more jobless growth.
Like wise, there is a huge competition in the global market among the imperialists on controlling the poor countries’ natural resources and the raw materials. World Imperialist, America and its allies NATO have started to control over the eastern Europe and the middle East in the name of war against terrorism and restoration of democratic rule of law by manipulating war, terrors and murders which has led millions of people to leave their homeland to save their lives with their children and urged to become stateless.
Similarly, some of the Yellow trade Unions have surrendered themselves to these imperialists, which has put major hindrances and objectives of the trade unions of the world. WFTU is always struggling against the imperialist powers, The American Hegemony and its allies .i.e NATO.WFTU demanding for the disolution of the NATO.
WFTU believes in struggle. Only struggle brings the positive result, which is only the strength of the working class. WithoutStruggle, there is no collective bargaining, and hence no fulfillment of worker’s rights.

Dear Comrades,
The 16th congress has decided on 25 work actions to fight against war, violence, murders and terrorism caused by world imperialists and the hardships faced by the workers all around the world due to economic crisis.
So, in this context, 100 million memberships, affiliating new institutions in WFTU, and coordination and communication of WFTU and TUIs are some visionary decisions to be done in next 5 years. I have a great belief and determination that the work action promulgated through the 17th congress will help to brainstorm the activities of Pensioners and Retirees (P&R) this conference.
Lastly, I would like to wish the grand success of this conference.
Premal Kumar Khanal.
Presidential Council Member, WFTU
Senior vice President, CONEP