Speech of the Delegate of Nepal at the Asian Conference

1st Asia & ocenies Regional Conference of Trade Union International of Pensioners and Retired   (TUI of P&R)
Kathmandu Nepal

Respected Chairperson
Sr.V.Chairman  Ncp.Uml.Hon. Ex Deputy P. M. Bamdev Gautam
President, TUI(P&R) Dimos koumpouris
Other senior Leader
Guest, Delegates, and Observers
   Now we are here for the regional conference of Asia and Pacific TUI of (P &R) in Kathmandu, Nepal.TUI of (P&R ) is a TUI amongst the 10 TUIs of WFTU. More than 320 trade unions from the 120 countries of 5 continents are affiliated with WFTU. WFTU is the oldest, class- oriented working class Trade Union Confederation. It has been fighting for the welfare of the labor and against the all kind of discriminations created by the capitalist and neo liberalized system. It has concluded its 17th congress on 5th to 8th October, 2016, Durban South Africa. Around 1500 delegates & observer from 111 countries, representing 5 continents, participated in this congress. It has gained a momentum to establish socialist system by resolving the challenges from the capitalist system as well as imperialism. Its main goal is decent work for decent life to the working class...
     For the preparation of Asia Pacific regional conference, we organized meeting representing the veteran trade union leader delegates from India, China, Bangladesh, Nepal and other countries to make common issues for the welfare of the pensioners and retired employees. After long preparation, we are here for the first conference of this type in this region. It will be very important and historical event for the retired employees in this region. We will concentrate on the issues of retired employees for their well being and decent life in the days to come and will be milestone for the new generation too.
     WFTU's 16th conference was held in 2011 in Athens Greece, decided to form Trade Union Internationa0l of Pensioners and Retired Employees, TUI of P&R. Organizing committee was formed by representing each representative from 5 continents including Mohan Bahadur KC president of REAM, Nepal. First Founder members meeting was held in Spain on 5th to 6th Feb.2014. This meeting formed office bearers and Technical and Research Commission and also made the provision to establish regional secretariat under the leadership of vice president. It has also decided the following duties and rights of the secretariat.
1. To represent on behalf of TUI of P&R to the issues corresponding to specifically to the region
2. To promote and coordinate the development of the activities of TUI of P&R in the region as endorsed by the congress, regional conference or plenary of the executive council.
3. To impulse the organizational activities regarding the unity and solidarity between the affiliated members of the region.
4. To circulate important decisions and promote solidarity between affiliated members of the region.
5. To inform and coordinate with the general secretariat and the secretary of the TUI of P&R regarding the activities in this region
Regional Activities
   After formation of TUI of P&R, as per the statute of TUI, regional conferences have been held in different region. In this context, regional level conference of America was held on 30th Sep, 2016 in Quito, Ecuador. Delegates of 25 countries took part in this conference and have set a regional structure of America. Similarly Regional level conference of Europe was held on 20th July, 2016 in Johannesburg, Denmark. 54 participants of 42 countries took part in this conference, and African level conference was held on 16th Nov.2016 in Dakar Senegal.
      Now we are here to set up organizational structure and to adopt policies and program of Asia Pacific countries of TUI of P&R.There is no long history of Pensioners and retired worker union in the world. Due to lack of awareness of human rights, trade union rights and senior citizen right, the voice of the retired worker is very weak up to now. Although Pensioners and retired employees formed the local trade union in their own country but did not try to form international level trade union so its strength and network did not cover throughout the world. It is not easy to launch international as well as regional level activities due to various problems. Some delegates from different countries in this region are unable to attend in this conference due to lack of information, poor economic condition and visa problems.
   Now the nature of global activities is highly influenced by the capitalist and imperialistic forces. Capitalist as well as neo liberalized forces are moving forward with the conflict and development process Car tailing  and monopolistic business is almost dominating to the natural business  so the price  of the daily uses commodities is raising dramatically.  The people as well as pensioners and retired employees are highly affected due to heavy price hike so their life is in very critical condition.
      Famous economics Dr. Picketty estimated one percent people are holding 50 percent property of the world. 90 percent people around the world have only 13 percent property. This heavy different of property holding shows the big gap between rich and poor people. From 1920 to 1980, one percent American had 30 percent property, in 2015 the property holding increased up to 50 percent. This figure indicates that the imagination of equality society will be a day dream only.
     Above mentioned economic scenario is the developed counties but the economic scenario of socialist countries is different than that of the capitalist countries. China, Cambodia Vietnam and Laos's GDP ratio is increasing per year from 1981 to 2015 880 million people below poverty line crossed the below poverty line, out of which 720 million are from china. This indicator gave a great shock to the capitalist countries.
Some evidences that influenced to the trade union movement in the world
1. On 18th July, 2016, in the name of  failure state coup in Turkey  by the leadership of Islamic religious leader, Phetullah Gulen group, the government fired Nine thousand employees from the job and made failure to take pension
2. In an average 250 persons have been killed in the Islamic State war in Iraq per day. Among them some employees have been killed.
3. India and Pakistan border dispute in Kasmir state, army personnel and other civilian are killing day by day. There is no certainty to hold SAARC conference due to this reason.
4. After elected Donald Trump in USA 45th president, that rises great shock due to announcement of removal of migrant worker from USA and exemption of 2 percent tax to the richest family in USA.
5. Climatic change effect will generate unpredicted vulnerability in the  economic development throughout the world
Mr. Chairman
    Delegates from different countries in this conference are almost senior citizen of respective countries. Our concerns and demands are related with the senior's citizen too. The concept of social security firstly initiated from Denmark 100 years ago. The United Nations organized the conference on International Plan of action on ageing in 1982, Vienna, Austria. Similarly, United Nations Principle for older person 1991, Macau Plan of Actions of Ageing 1998 and Madrid Plan of Actions 2002 issued the directives to the welfare of the senior citizens. Pensioners and Retired organization has also adopted the international day of senior citizens. TUI of P& R also organized different activities to celebrate the Day of Senior on 1st Oct. 2016 and has raised the following concerns for the welfare of senior citizens.
1. The universal right to retirement
2. The possibility to retire early for men and even more for women
3. Public and free social security
4. Public and free medical and pharmaceutical care without any preconditions depending on one's health situation
5. Public pensions to cover their basic needs and allow them to have decent life.
   We are launching different kind of activities for the political, economic and social development in our region as well as throughout the world. The movement in this type will be continuing process; it does not end when all kind of discrimination will not be resolved completely.
   We cannot get success without support from other trade unions which are formed in different countries. Solidarity and moral support from the other trade union get inspiration to move ahead any play vital role to fulfill the raised demands by the union. We would like to extend our support and solidarity with the movement launched by Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, and Korea including other movement in the world. On behalf of our trade union, we took part in the 2nd conference organized by All India BSNL, Pensioners welfare Association.
     Similarly we would like to extend our support to the trade union which has a same ideological base. Lastly I would like to extend my sincere greeting for the grand success of this conference
Thanking you
Long live the working class. !
Long live the class oriented trade union movement!
Long live REAN!
Long live the TUI (P&R) of WFTU!
                                                                                                                    Mohan Bahadur K.C.
                                                                                                                         Vice president
                                                                                                                              TUI (P&R)