CES and ITUC trade unions support imperialism

I am a leader of the FSM SME UIS and as Head of the FSM in the Spanish state.

We welcome and support the proposals made by George Mavrikos, as S.G. of the FSM, and in particular two of them: 1) the holding of similar symposia by countries and by each of the UIS; and (2) the dissemination of a Memorandum of Solidarity signed by trade unions and anti-imperialist policies.

I'm not going to repeat ideas that have already been said and that we subscribe to.

I will focus my brief intervention on the role that trade unions sold to Capitalism play on the issue of imperialism.

Solidarity has always been the great weapon of peoples.

The working class, as a class exploited by Capitalism, since its first existence, has been able to use solidarity.

That is why the enemy of the working class always stimulated the division of workers.

It was Capitalism, using the CIA, thatencouraged the division of the FSM, born 75 years ago.

Already in the First Congress, Paris 1,945, when, financed by the relevant bourgeoisies, trade unions from the countries of northern Europe,  tried to divide the nascent great unity of the proletariat against exploitation. They opposed the condemnation of Colonialism as a scourge of reality still existing in the first half of the last twentieth century. They thus supported the imperialism of the time.

Class vconciliation unionssniffed to show their obedience tothe one who financed them,voting,  in favor of the imperialist and newly created NATO,in the year1,949, when the Second FSM Congress was held. Immediatelyafterwards, they broke the FSM  and created what was the CIOSL, which today is called CSI.

Today, these unions are not hiding from their coincidence with Capitalism, as evidenced by   their public applause for the G20's decisions, ortheir support for meetings such as la  de Davos. It is very demonstrative of this,  this photo of the President  of the International Monetary Fund embracing the Secretary-General of the ITUC. They are great friends who defend the same interests.

That is why trade unions, such as the Spanish Workers' Commissions, which is no longer the class union that went under the dictatorship of fascist Franco,  obeying what they are ordered from the European Union (through the CES), leave their premises to attack the Bolivarian  Revolution (see photo),or simply support withrepugnanttexts, and full of falsehoods,  NATO's intervention in genocides such as the destruction of Libya.

They do this to receive subsidies from pro-capitalist  governments, public  money that replaces the quotas of the members they lose. In Spain, the  pro-capitalist  government of the PSOE plus PODEMOS   has just increased, suddenly and in a year, by 56%,  official subsidies to these trade unions sold. An increase that has not had equal proportion,or by far,  in any other chapter of the state's budgets.

Anyway, to deceive the healthy part of their bases these unions sometimes appear to  be anti-imperialists,but only just the right time to take the picture with which to create confusion and sometimeseven deceive political leaders,  as they recently tried to do  on the subject of THE  PCOA.

In short, comrades, we encourage us to continue to strengthen the FSM with activities like this today, reinforcing class unionism. And with him the anti-imperialist and  anti-capitalist struggle.

Only by ending Capitalism, that is, by destroying it, the people of Venezuela and the other peoples who struggle to rid the thee of imperialism, will be able to live in freedom, with justice and real democracy.

Quim Boix, Barcelona, 1st March 2021.